Environmental Assessment and Cleanups

The Regional Planning Commission’s Brownfield Redevelopment Program helps convert Brownfields
from community liabilities into community assets by providing technical assistance and guidance to
navigate the environmental process from environmental site assessment (ESA) to cleanup.  

There are three main components to the Brownfield environmental process: Phase I Environmental
Site Assessment (ESA), Phase II ESA, and Cleanup (also called Remediation).  Although
redevelopment of a Brownfield occurs after site cleanup, redevelopment plans are generally produced
earlier in the process to help inform cleanup alternatives.
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Brownfield Investigation and Cleanup Process

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Regional Planning Commission · Updated January 2019

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
A research report that documents the history and current status of a property and
identifies potential environmental concerns. Normally takes approximately 60-90
days under Brownfields.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
Based on the Phase I results, a Phase II investigation confirms whether or not
contamination is present at the site by collecting soil and/or groundwater samples
and analyzing them for suspected contaminants.
A Phase II assessment may take 6 – 12 months under Brownfields.

Cleanup Planning

Cleanup Implementation
If contamination is found above regulatory standards, a Cleanup Plan details the
activities that will be undertaken to mitigate the risk of exposure that may impact
human health or the environment. Cleanup activities can include (but are not limited
to) removing the contamination, capping contaminated areas, or reducing the
concentration of the contaminant (also called in situ cleanup).
Implementation of the Cleanup Plan with regulatory oversight as
required. Depending on the cleanup activities, cleanup implementation
may be incorporated into the redevelopment.