RPC Brownfield Informational Materials:

Information on RPC Brownfield Sites

Please visit the Site Information page for information on sites enrolled in RPC's Brownfield
Redevelopment Program. Additional site information may also be found on
LDEQ’s Electronic Data
Management System (EDMS) using the property’s LDEQ Agency Interest (AI) Number indicated in the
Property Profile section. Site information is also available on
EPA’s Enviromapper website.

Note: RPC does not maintain a list of potential Brownfield sites. Instead, we encourage you to work
with a local commercial real estate agent to find a property that meets the needs of your proposed
redevelopment project and then contact RPC if the site is in need of environmental assessment.

Redevelopment Resources

The information below is provided as a general guide and a starting point for identifying potential resources for
redeveloping Brownfield properties. As programs and legislation change regularly, users of this information are
encouraged to use the links provided for additional and updated information.

NOTE: The links provided below for informational purposes only and will redirect you to other websites. RPC is not
responsible for the content of others’ websites or their respective programs.

Louisiana Dept. of Environmental Quality
LDEQ oversees environmental investigations throughout the state. LDEQ’s Brownfield and Voluntary Remediation
Program provides financial and technical assistance to eligible Brownfield sites and guidance in navigating LDEQ’s
Voluntary Remediation Program. In addition, LDEQ’s site records are available online on
LDEQ’s Electronic Data
Management System (EDMS). (Note: This database only includes records that are in LDEQ’s system. Other data
may be available from other sources.)

Louisiana Brownfield Association
LBA is a state-wide non-profit dedicated to the promotion and further redevelopment and revitalization of
potentially contaminated property in Louisiana:

South Central Planning and Development Commission Brownfield Program
SCPDC’s Brownfield Program provides services for St. Charles, St. John the Baptist, Terrebonne, Assumption,
Lafourche, and St. James Parishes.

US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA's) Brownfield and Land Revitalization Program
On this site, you can find information about US EPA's Brownfields Program including the Brownfields Law,
Brownfields Grants, Land Revitalization Information, and more...
  • Grants & Funding: Find resources that can be used for Brownfields activities, technical information on
    Brownfields financing matters, and awardee fact sheets using the Brownfields Grant Fact Sheet Search Tool.
  • Laws & Statutes: Learn about "the Brownfields Law" and other related laws and regulations.
  • Success Stories: Find Brownfields grantee accomplishments from across the country.
  • Tools & Technical Information: Find technologies, technical help, contacts, and other resources to aid in the
    assessment and cleanup of Brownfield properties.
  • Partnerships: Discover the wide range of stakeholders to promote the cleanup and reuse of Brownfields.
  • Initiatives: Learn about initiatives that explore sector-based solutions, enhance environmental quality, spur
    economic development, and revitalize communities.

Looking for EPA environmental data, including the location of Brownfield sites, in your area? Try EPA’s
Enviromapper site.

EPA’s 2013 Brownfields Federal Programs Guide
The 2013 Brownfields Federal Program Guide provides information on the various Federal programs that can aid
in the redevelopment of Brownfield sites. The entry for each federal agency or organization summarizes its mission
and its connection to Brownfields and lists the programs that provide technical or financial assistance relevant to
Brownfields. A description of eligibility requirements, availability, uses and applications, as well as any restrictions
on use or eligibility are included where applicable. “Snapshots” of Brownfield projects that have successfully
leveraged funding from these programs are included to illustrate how federal programs have stimulated
Brownfields cleanup and redevelopment around the country. The section on “Federal Tax Incentives and Credits”
describes options for using federal tax incentives for Brownfields cleanup and revitalization.

EPA Region 6 Brownfields Program
This site provides information on the Brownfields Program in EPA Region 6 which includes Louisiana.

EPA’s RE-Powering America’s Land Initiative
EPA is encouraging renewable energy development on current and formerly contaminated lands, landfills, and
mine sites when it is aligned with the community’s vision for the site. This initiative identifies the renewable energy
potential of these sites and provides other useful resources for communities, developers, industry, state and local
governments or anyone interested in reusing these sites for renewable energy development.

US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
HUD provides a variety of resources to aid in the redevelopment of Brownfield sites, compiled on the “Financing
Brownfields Redevelopment”.

Kansas State University’s Technical Assistance to Brownfields Program  
Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TAB) is an EPA-funded program assisting communities in their understanding
and involvement in Brownfields cleanup and revitalization, especially underserved, rural, small, and otherwise
distressed communities. Kansas State University’s TAB Program provides this free assistance for our region. Visit
the KSU TAB website to find webinars and workshops or utilize their online tools and resources.

The Brownfield and Land Revitalization Technology Support Center
A partnership between EPA, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and Argonne National Laboratory, the Brownfields
and Land Revitalization Technology Support Center is a cooperative effort to provide technical support to federal,
state, local, and tribal officials for questions related to the use of innovative technologies and strategies for site
assessment and cleanup.  EPA created the Brownfield and Land Revitalization Technology Support Center to help
  • Evaluate strategies to streamline the site investigation and cleanup process
  • Identify and review information about complex technology options
  • Evaluate contractor capabilities and recommendations
  • Explain complex technologies to communities

Grants.gov is an online resource that brings organizations seeking grants and agencies awarding grants together.
This site allows organizations to electronically search and apply for over 1000 grant programs worth more than
$400 billion.
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