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Redevelopment Funding for Brownfields Workshop
Date: July 17, 2014
Time: 9:30am - 4pm
Location: Regional Transportation Management Center
           10 Veterans Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70124
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Past Events

Presentation to the Regional Planning Commission on the Status of RPC’s Brownfield
June 11, 2013
Overview of RPC’s Brownfield Redevelopment Program to Date (PDF 415KB)

Limitless Vistas Environmental Workforce Training Graduation Ceremony
March 29, 2013

Kansas State University's Technical Assistance to Brownfields' Brownfield Inventory Tool
November 29, 2012        
Brownfield Inventory Tool (PDF 302 KB)

Partnering with Limitless Vistas Environmental Workforce Training Program  March 27, 2012
Overview of EPA's Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training Program (PDF 295KB)
Overview of Limitless Vistas Environmental Workforce Training Program (PDF 821KB)
Consultant Viewpoint: Leaaf Environmental's Experience with Limitless Vistas Students (PDF 320KB)

Dealing with Risks and Uncertainties in Brownfield Projects  February 17, 2011
Speaker: Tyson Hackenburg, Louisiana Brownfield Association
Presentation (PDF 354KB)

When Good Money Goes Bad: True Stories of Contract Fraud at EPA  May 19, 2011
Speaker: Edwin Debiew, Special Agent, USEPA Office of Inspector General, Office of Investigation

Facilitating Brownfield Phase II Environmental Assessments under LDEQ’s Voluntary
Remediation Program: Planning Ahead, Avoiding Glitches, and Moving Projects Forward
November 10, 2011
Speaker: Duane Wilson, Louisiana Dept. of Environmental Quality
Overview of RPC Phase II Environmental Assessment Process (updated version; PDF
LDEQ's Traditional Environmental Oversight vs. Voluntary Remediation Program (PDF 134KB)

RPC Brownfield Breakfast at Falstaff Brewery  April 28, 2010
Overview of Falstaff Assessment and Cleanup from Leaaf Environmental, LLC
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