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RPC Brownfield Site Summary Table

RPC's Brownfield Summary Table includes information on sites assessed under RPC’s Brownfield
Redevelopment Program. Additional information may be found on
LDEQ’s Electronic Data Management
System (EDMS) using the property’s LDEQ Agency Interest (AI) Number indicated on the table and/or
EPA’s Enviromapper.

Inventory of Potential Brownfield Sites

RPC does not maintain a database of potential Brownfield sites. We encourage those interested in
redeveloping Brownfield sites to work with a local real estate agent to identify a property that meets
the needs of the proposed project. Once the site is identified, RPC can assist in addressing any
environmental hurdles related to redeveloping the site. RPC recommends that, at a minimum, a Phase
I environmental site assessment (ASTM E1527-13) is performed prior to purchasing or leasing a
commercial property.
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